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Religious Freedom Review - Family Voice

You can help make a difference by telling us how you or someone you know has experienced religious discrimination. We need concrete evidence of the increasing difficulties Christians are facing into the future.

Why is sending in your religious discrimination story so vital?

Not everyone believes that Christians are facing an uphill battle when it comes to freedom of religion in Australia. FamilyVoice is working to set up a formal record of accounts, highlighting the experiences of those who have been subject to discriminatory treatment based on their faith/religious affiliation. We need to have clear, factual records that can be verified. This will enable us to present first-hand accounts in publications, inquiries, media reports and analysis. It helps us to paint a true picture of religious freedom in Australia.

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Alternatively, you can write a more extended account, and upload it here. Please try to include similar information to that used in the form below, to ensure your account is valid.

Accounts may be kept for future reference by FamilyVoice in communications and official inquiries. Please indicate if you would like your name withheld if your account is used in such an instance.

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